Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity started working in Fiji in 1991. Since then, Habitat has helped over 70,000 people to build homes and hope through partnerships with governments, bilateral and non-profit organizations and international volunteers.

Habitat works on a range of projects throughout the country including disaster response and recovery through repairs and temporary housing when needed, construction or improvement of water and sanitation systems in rural and remote areas, and disabled access housing projects.

In the financial year ended June 30, 2018, Habitat for Humanity Fiji has helped more than 4,500 families through disaster response and over 2,000 families in more than 55 communities through water and sanitation improvements and built over 1,400 new houses to date.

Aqua Pacific® has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Fiji and together they will support housing, water, sanitation and education building projects for communities where Habitat for Humanity Fiji operates. The two organisations in a statement announced the first year of their global corporate social responsibility partnership of $100,000 for over 10 years.

Founder and CEO of Frezco Beverages Limited, Altaaf Jamal said they are very pleased to support Habitat for Humanity and look forward to the positive impact that their partnership program will bring to community development.