health & hydration

The Human Body is comprised of 70% water which is necessary for the blood to flow, for oxygen delivery, waste elimination and the functioning of almost every organ and biochemical process. Drinking Aqua Pacific® on a daily basis has amazing health benefits which aid our natural processes.

Waste Elimination

The world has sadly become a toxic playground for the human body, with all of us being subjected to a daily intake of man made chemicals and ingredients which have an unhealthy and adverse effect on our bodies natural processes.

Water is our first and most powerful line of defence in the battle to stay disease free and healthy. It helps the body flush or purge many of these dangerous toxins. It is important to drink a pure mineral water that will not only provide the proper mechanism for this elimination process but also provides additional minerals in a balanced format to support the body’s biochemical actions and natural cell repair.

Hydration Facts.

Sadly almost 90% of the world’s population is chronically dehydrated. Even dehydration at a level of 3% will significantly slow down your metabolism and a low water level is considered the number one reason for daytime fatigue. Incredibly, a 2% loss in body water can also lead to visual impairment and memory loss!

Two out of three of us drink fewer than the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, yet studies have shown that drinking this much water could dramatically reduce back and joint pain for almost 80% of suffers.

Pregnant women need to drink extra water. They must take care of the needs of the fetus and compensate for the extra fluid losses from additional perspiration and heat production. If a woman is lactating she needs extra water for fluid replacement from nursing. Any beverage that contains alcohol or caffeine should not be counted toward your 8 glasses. This is because alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate your body, and you will need to compensate for this. A simply tip to keep healthy is drink one extra glass of water for every cup of tea/coffee or alcoholic beverage you consume.

Hydration Facts.

When a child is born they are considered to be hydrated at a level of 90% or greater. The average senior citizen is hydrated at an average of 55%. The link between hydrated cells and disease is well documented and research has proved that life could indefinitely exist if the fluid to surrounding cells was constantly renewed!

A simple analogy would be a car that ran on the perfect engine oil and gas, one that would cause absolutely no friction and where the waste was non-existent; there would be no reason for the working parts in the car to wear out and breakdown and the engine could run forever. The human body works in exactly the same way.

Eastern medicines and philosophies view the body as a harmonious balance of functions and energies. The thinking is that disease only occurs when an imbalance is present. Disease is believed to start on a small level and worsen with time as the imbalance slowly develops. Thus the idea is to simply put good nutrients in your body, that if supported with properly balanced fluids such as  Aqua Pacific mineral water, the risk of imbalance is vastly reduced and the overall effect on your bodies health is increased.

Minor ailments such as headaches, skin problems, indigestion and obesity can be warning signs that your body is starting suffering, and may lead to more serious conditions in later life. Therefore it is strongly recommended to drink a good mineral water to counteract these effects, did you know that by drinking five glasses of water daily, the risk of common cancers can be decreased by up to 79%!

A common list of benefits from drinking the proper levels is as follows:
• Health and vitality boosting
• An increase in mental alertness
• An increase in physical stamina
• A reduction from the negative effects of stress
• Recovery from jet-lag recovery

Water can also be useful for weight loss. It is a tremendous assistance for people who are dieting because it suppresses appetite and has no calories!  In fact, just one glass of water shuts down late night hunger pangs, reduces the retention of fluids, reduces constipation and helps eliminate toxins and impurities from the body.

Higher alkalinity in water is also great for reducing the effects of ageing. When water with a high pH balance is consumed, it assists the body in maintaining a proper pH balance by helping to neutralize acidic conditions which are present in most of our modern diets.