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Fiji's Finest Artesian Mineral Water
Fiji is home to some of the worlds most beautiful islands, tranquil rain forests and pristine coral reefs. However, Fiji has more recently become well known for its exceptionally pure and soft artesian drinking waters. Now distributed worldwide, we would like you to try Aqua Pacific® Mineral Water!

Aqua Pacific® is an artesian mineral water which shares the same paradise appeal as its home and source. A totally pure and soft natural mineral water. Our Mineral Water comes from a totally natural source, filtered and cleansed through miles of prehistoric rock channels on highlands of Viti Levu, the main volcanic island of Fiji.

We are proud to be a locally owned Fiji company and support and care for our natural Fiji resources. We are the preferred water of many top Fiji hotels and tourism operators.

discover the journey

Find out how mother nature helps us produce the finest Artesian Mineral Water from the Fiji Islands

from the heavens above

The journey starts with pure air blown in from the Antartic trade winds

A tropical journey

Natural rain falls onto the pristine water mountain forests of Fiji

heaven meets paradise

Over 1500 miles from the nearest mainland in the South Pacific

natures helping hand

Our water then travels through lush tropical forests, streams & waterfalls

purified by nature

Our water is 90 years from first rainfall to bottle. This was done using carbon dating by scientists who can correctly age our water.

Discover how we produce the perfect Artesian Mineral Water with a little helping hand from Fiji and Mother Nature!

Habitat for HuManity

Aqua Pacific® has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Fiji and together they will support housing, water, sanitation and education building projects for communities where Habitat for Humanity Fiji operates.

The two organisations in a statement announced the first year of their global corporate social responsibility partnership of $100,000 for over 10 years. Founder and CEO of Frezco Beverages Pte Ltd, Altaaf Jamal said they are very pleased to support Habitat for Humanity and look forward to the positive impact that their partnership program will bring to community development.
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